In recent weeks, zero dollar allocation Medicare Set Aside’s (MSA) came into question. Initially it was thought that on any claim, even fully denied claims, where approval of a zero dollar MSA was sought, documentation would have to be provided to the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) to support the zero dollar MSA. This would include submitting (1) Final settlement documents or a statement that none exist; (2) All court rulings including but not limited to rulings on compensability; or, (3) If no court ruling exists on compensability, treatment records showing no further treatment is needed for the work injury or a statement from the doctor concerning future treatment. However, additional information surfaced that indicates these stricter guidelines would not apply to settlements of completely denied or disputed claims.

As for zero dollar allocation MSA’s on accepted claims, it is our understanding at Boyce Law that the above-guidelines will likely be put in place. In these cases, in order to secure CMS approval, it will be necessary to obtain a court order that establishes the claim is not compensable, or treatment records showing no further treatment for the work injury will be required.

With that being said, we will watch to see if CMS issues any new guidelines via a policy memo in the future, and keep you apprised of those developments.