Considered by many scholars to be the most comprehensive source on mediation, Christopher W. Moore in The Mediation Process describes the steps to active listening in the following manner.

First, the mediator must listen to what the party is saying and determine the emotion the party is feeling. Is it frustration? Anger? Fear?

Second, select

There can be little doubt as to the popularity and effectiveness of alternative dispute resolution (ADR) when dealing with workers’ compensation claims. The uncertainty, expense, and time involved necessitates that most claims get resolved through mediation outside of an administrative hearing and likely appeal through the court system.

Through my years of practice, I have

Thirty plus years of employment and worker’s compensation practice has exposed me to thousands of personnel files and interviews, not to mention my experience with what could easily be twice that many management-level employees. Those that manage employees or those charged with the responsibility of managing the business’ worker’s compensation claims routinely make four common

Mediation has proven to be a very successful way for parties to resolve employment and workers’ compensation disputes for a variety of reasons, not the least of which is getting the parties together at a designated place and time to work towards a resolution. Mediation is a relatively inexpensive way to get the unbiased opinion

Anyone who has ever been employed has experienced workplace conflict. The conflict referred to need not be related to job performance but can include personal behaviors or idiosyncrasies. Ranging from the petty to the most severe, conflict exists in every workplace setting. Some conflict within an organization is healthy – legitimate differing views on how